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Fahr’n fahr’n fahr’n

Ne me quitte pas

Most ‘Ospitable

Lone Wolf and Cub

David Mitchell on the historical setting of Jacob de Zoet:

Did you watch a lot of Kurosawa films?

Some, yes. Actually, it would be manga, though. There’s an absolutely wonderful series of stories called Lone Wolf and Cub. It’s about 100 years earlier than my period. Visually, you get the interiors that no amount of scholarly research can give. What authenticity my book might be able to boast owes a great debt to Lone Wolf and Cub. You really should check them out. They really are special—though there’s a necessary quota of what we might think of as something close to soft-core porn.

Q&A with David Mitchell, Literary Platypus : Lone Wolf and Cub

Hendrik Doeff

Hendrik Doeff (2 December 1764 – 19 October 1837) VOC Opperhoofd (Chief) in Dejima from 14 november1803 umtil 6 december 1817.